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I just got a great deal on an Ampeg PortaFlex PF-500 head, now I need a cabinet and really don't know what to go with. I just need something decent for basement jams - nothing too big and nothing too expensive.

Any suggestions?


Edit: Lol, I just noticed my typo in the title.

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I have the smaller PF-350 powering a Kustom Deep End 2x10 cab rated at 200 watts at 8 ohms from here http://www.thomann.de/gb/kustom_deep_end_210h.htm

I Use this for our jam sessions at the hall we hire, I'm competing with 2 guitarists,vocal monitor and drum machine but have never needed to push it past 11 o'clock to be heard

At £130 plus a tenner to ship from Germany to the U.K. I reckon that's a pretty good deal

johnny [staff]
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fixed your typo
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I'd look for an 8 ohm 2x10 - like MotorMog has, or maybe a 1x12. With either of these you could double them up later if you wanted or needed more volume; stacking two of these (2 of the 10s or 2 12s) vertically works very well. Be aware of the power output of your amp (500 watts?) and the power handling capacity of your cabinet - avoid toasting your speakers!
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The Harley Benton BB 410T 4×10 cab, 500 watts, 8 ohms with horn is great value at 160 quid and gets 4.5 stars, you didnt say what your budget was. I'd go for 4x10 as they are real punchy and this one has got a controllable tweeter horn. Check it out at Thomann.com
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Thanks Johnny.

Good suggestions as always from you lot. I'll have to look for a Canadian distributor for both the Kustom and Harley cabinets. I like them both.

I paid $400 for the head so I figure I'd like to spend between $250 - $350 on a cabinet. Both suggestions would be in that range.
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No luck with a Canadian distributor for either of the Kustom or Harley cabinets. Really disappointed…

I did find this though. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Fender Rumble 115 Cabinet - Rumble Series 1 x 15 Bass Cabinet - $399.99cdn.

Speaker Jack: One 1/4", One Speakon
Power Handling: 600 watts (Program), 300 watts (Continuous) Handling Capability
Horn Tweeter: One - Compression Tweeter with Full/Off/-6dB Switch

Speaker: One - 15 Eminence-Designed Ceramic Magnet Speaker
Impedance: 8 ohms

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I'd call the 15" speaker a down side but the tweeter balances that out, the Benton had more inputs for half the money, what the Fender does have though is a huge following on BBT
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I am partial to 15's, though I am contemplating an Ampeg 6-10 and a BR5, to work in tandem with my 15. Some do not like the 15 due to a muddiness, but spit, I Like the low end and continue to look for a cabinet to produce the Brown Note.

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If you are getting a 2x10 or larger also invest in sack truck these things are bloody heavy

Also means you can take all the beers you want to rehearsals!!!

(My rehearsals are 5 minute walk from home)

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The Benton Harley has castors which means the amount of beer you can take is almost limitless. This thread has got me thinking of buying one, my Peavey TNT 150 has a 15" speaker but I think it would be more versatile with a 4x10

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