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I randomly figured out tremolo picking

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I never really used a pick when I played bass, so when I last tried to play some tremolo with one a few months ago, I really sucked. I haven't tried again until just now, and I had it down pat. A little strange, I think it might have been the pick, I was using a thicker one last time and a guitar pick this time.
johnny [staff]
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or could just be your abilites getting better it happens even if you don't try something for a month or so and then try again, you'll notice you get better!
Ive never like fingerstyle so Ive always used a pick but used to not be able to alternate pick. The strap I had at the time was too short for my liking so I would sit while playing all the time but once I got a longer one and began standing, alternate picking was suddenly easier to do than downpicking and once I sat down again, I was still alternate picking and that's the way its been ever since. I dont know if it matters or not but Ive always used heavy picks (Dunlop big stubby 2.0MM and 3.0MM) because I figured it was more ideal for bass. I used to have specialty bass picks (3.5MM) but gave them away because I didn't like the material they were made out of.

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