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Which bands/genres/bassists have influenced your playing style the most?

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John Entwistle was the guy that made Bass my favorite instrument to listen to. Geddy Lee was the guy who convinced me that learning to play the Bass myself was a worthwhile venture. But it was Dan Maines of Clutch, John Paul Jones and Jack Bruce that had the most influence on my actual playing abilities. Dan Maines' bass lines are simple and straight-forward, which was excellent for a novice like me with no lessons, no knowledge of musical theory and little confidence that I'd ever play to the level I'm currently playing. John Paul Jones and Jack Bruce bass lines just happened to be a perfect step up in difficulty from Dan Maines' bass lines. So when I started venturing into more difficult songs, the ones that helped me advance my technique the most were Zeppelin and Cream songs.

Honorable mention to: Noel Redding, Greg Lake, Bruce Thomas, Norman Watt Roy, Robby Krieger, Melvin Dunlap, Phil Lesh and Eric Wilson.
Great selection of Bass players!
hrm. Jason Rink from Jet Set Satellite. Fat Mike from NOFX. Les Claypool from primus Johnny Personality from the vindictives. Richard Hudson from the monks. Rick and Mike from the casualties. Scot shriner from weezer ( hear me out lol, when i was learning to play i wanted fast gratification meaning songs i could learn in not too long and be playing a real song, only in dreams by weezer and say it ain't so are just that. simple to play with and get you going on a real song, also skulls by the misfits and 53 & 3rd by the ramones or the queers or screeching weasel, all variables of the tab are easy and sound good)
and lately Grzegorz Kosinski. youtube him and watch him play fur elise or turkish march
also Pat Kim from the beatnik termites. and if you dont know who that is look em up. seriously. they are good. did a full ramones album cover too. even kurt cobain listed them under his fav bands in the cobain diaries.

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