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G-400 Custom Les Paul (SG) Discontinued?

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So, I recently bought this guitar for 400$. The only time I'd seen one was in Black Sabbath video from the 70s (obviously that was a Gibson and mine is an Epiphone) and it was also on my Epiphone poster that came with my Eb-3 Bass. I can't find it anywhere, except eBay and even then there's only like 3 to five of them. It was made in April of 2006 (says the serial number), and I don't know if they stopped making these or if it was promotional or what. Help please? I would post a picture but it won't let me so I'll post a link to one.

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Its still in Epiphones catalogue with no mention of being discontinued, they also do the ‘Tony Iommi’ model which is a signature version of the Black Sabbath one you saw.
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Don't all those pickups get in the way of your playing hand?
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Ehhh kinda, but you get adjusted to it. I don't play guitar on stage so I won't use it very often except to write music.

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