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Anyone own a Squire Jag ? pros ? Cons ?
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I've got the V M Short Scale, pros; very light, easy to play, cons;
Cant get the action down, typical short scale intonation problems.
All in all though, I like it, when I'm struggling with the Stingray, I breeze through with the Jag
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Also had the vintage modified short scale ,hated the floppy string tension so binned it for another bitch to play a Thunderbird of which I had two ( goth and pro )

Now happily residing in the land of the Squier Chris Aiken ( i dont know who he is im old)P ,great plug and play bass with
no effects required for that classic punk tone

Do like the squier gear though so why not,plenty knocking about 2nd hand for peanuts

Great time to buy with peeps getting new instruments over chrimbo and second hand gear going on the market

Watch out for the festive drunken impulse buyers ruining your bidding process,I've only gone as far as a couple of punk tees in the sales no jags as yet


Posts: 3139
The classic vibe stuff is really high quality but in Ibanez and Yamaha price range, so shop around.
Dont know much about the full scale Fender Jaguar Bass but I once owned a Fender Jaguar Guitar, it was far too over complicated, so it got traded for a Jazz Bass which I thought sounded puny compared to a Precision

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