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Just a Quick question.

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I own a Bass but no Bass amp. Ive been using my Roland cube guitar amp.

Will it damage the amp if i continue to use it, or if i keep it to a low volume will it be ok for now?

Im a little strapped for cash at the moment
If you keep the volume and the lows down, you'll be alright. It's the speaker that you have to be careful with. I used my son's Roland Cube 20X before I bought a bass combo. The Cube is almost six years old and still in good shape. Here's a picture of my ‘woodshed’. The white P-Bass was still unmodified.
I used a guitar amp back when I was starting out too. It was a First Act, a tiny little box, twelve inches on a side with a five inch speaker, similar to the little one in the picture. I replaced it when I began to get the feeling it couldnt handle my five string.

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