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Neck relief question

The Bassist
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As per my thread about active pickups, im beginning to upgrade my basses to ones of higher quality that have active pickups. On Friday I received my new four string, an LTD F-414FM. Its my first neck thru body bass and im finding it a challenge to set neck relief. I set it to where it needs to be and the next day its flattened out again and the relief is near zero. Is it normally harder to set neck relief on neck thru body basses?
No it isn't. Maybe the bass has to settle, because of different ambient conditions. Air humidity and temperature make wood work. I'd say give it some time.
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What Jay said. Try a combination of truss rod and bridge saddle height adjustment
I had to reset it three times in as many days but I think its fixed now. Actually recorded my first video with it this afternoon. Thanks everyone.

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