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One in one out rule

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Shifted my epi Tbird pro today as had a aquired a new chris aitken Squire p bass a couple of weeks ago and the sale covered the replacement ☺
I'm more the higher end model of the low end brand buyer ,epiphones and squier i really love em quality is top notch

I can't justify having more than one at a time ,so it's one in one out for me

Can't play em both

So the wife says

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The wife is right - can't play them both AT THE SAME TIME - but you can play one, then the other!

IMO, the Epi Classic Pro IV is an incredibly good bass. I have no intention of selling mine, even though I pick up the Aerodyne and the 1977 jazz bass more often than the Tbird.
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Did you know? That in the early years of The Smiths, Andy Rourke used two Squier precision Basses and that both these basses can be heard on the first two albums, so the likes of ‘Hand in Glove’ and ‘How Soon is Now’ feature Squier basses. Andy eventually aquired a 1963 and a 1964 Precisions, the 64 can be seen on my avatar
I'm looking for a Thunderbird
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Eight years to go on the mortgage and my first payment back to me will be an American Fender standard p bass and a Gibson thunderbird

Til then best keep feeding the wife and kids I suppose

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