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Opinions on HInder? Just saw them in concert...

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This is not meant to be hate in any way or form. I have been a fan of Hinder for a couple of years now and they are all very talented. However, the vocalist seemed to be having some issues tonight. I was unsure if perhaps he was just having and “off” night or if this was a usual. I was wondering if anyone who has seen Hinder recently could tell me their opinion on them. If it was indeed just an off night for him then I would love to see them again and see them perform with their full potential. But if this is just how they are now then I would rather not spend my money on another ticket… I will just stick to listening to their older songs on my iPod and be happy with that. Once again, I do not mean this to be taken as hate on the band. I just want to know if it will be worth it to buy another ticket. I understand everyone has certain concerts where they can't quite get in the groove which is why I wondered if this is just one of those types of concerts for him. Thanks in advance for your input!
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I don't know them but I reckon it was just an off night for the singer, they wouldn't have got where they are if he was so bad

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