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Bass problems

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Hi guys

I've been playing bass for around 7-8 months now, I have just been teaching myself through online videos and books. I haven't had the chance to speak to anyone about any queries or problems I have so I hope you guys can shine some light on them for me.

To begin with my bass is a basic cheapo Gear4Miusic guitar which set me back about £120, its pictured below.

My problem is I cant find the sound I want from my bass, I would like a clean deep bass sound but I seem to get more of a twangy sound as I finger pick the strings which frustrates the hell out of me! I find the nobs on the bass have very little range and seem to go from full to nothing with very minimal turning.

I changed the strings on the bass which has made the sound brighter and has given it more pop but I am still getting this twanging noise. As I changed the strings I noticed the tuning pegs have moved slightly and are not straight, Pictured below. Could this affect the bass and sound ?

Alsooooo one of the metal parts of the pick up has dropped into the plastic case also pictured below :S

I've really enjoyed my brief time playing bass but it is so frustrating not being able to find that nice bass sound and having this twanging noise!

Is it because its a cheap bass or is it me ?

Also since I changed my strings I cant seem to get my E string in tune using my tuner, it seems to go straight to +50cent on the tuner. as much as I turn the peg I just cant get it into that sweet spot, but the other strings are fine. Maybe something to do with the wonky peg ?

I'm sorry for being a pain in the arse and bombarding all these questions at you but I just want to go back to enjoying bass again.

All pictures in the link below!

Thanks for reading


P.S the flower wallpaper was NOT my choice!

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Ive been playing bass for a while now and In my experiences the best ways to get a more booming/deep tone is to do one or more of the following

-Changing your strings will most likely make the bass sound more twangy keeping them on or breaking them in will make it have a more deep and full sound

-A good thing to point out is that the closer your plucking the strings to the neck the deeper it sounds and vice versa with the twanging noise

-Make sure your not getting the twang from the frets (Not to be insulting) But if your hands are too close to a fret it will make a buzzing noise which is also quite distinct

I don't know much about the bent tuning peg you might want to get that checked out to be sure but the above will most likely fix your problem if you could some how attach a video of the sound on the bass I might be able to pinpoint it more
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Thanks for the fast reply Gengor!

It took me a little while to upload a video but here it is. I just want to say the sound quality is not the best as it was recorded through a phone etc etc.

Just a short riff played on each string hopefully it might be useful.

I didn't realise that I look such an idiot while playing! Anyhow…


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The video is private my friend
What Brand of Strings and Type do you have on your Bass?
If you have a set of cheap Rounds, then that can be blamed for your ‘Twang Noise.
Invest in a Flat or Semi-Flat String set - you will not have any ’Twang Noise.

Tuning Peg - make sure the screw on the side of the Tuning Peg is tight.
If it is, then there may be an issue with the Tuning Peg itself. If for any reason your Bass ends up not keeping in tune, upgrade to a new set of Tuning Pegs.

Your magnet separated from the P pup housing and is resting at the bottom of the cavity. De-string your instrument, remove pick up from cavity, reattach / fix pick up assembly.

Good score having a Fender Rumble - this excludes any other circumstances that you are having a “poor” sound.

1. invest in quality strings, preferably FLATS.
2. upgrade your pickups if you are still unhappy with sound quality.

Doing one or both of those should remedy your sound dramatically.
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DBT has some solid advice there. I'd say your easiest fix for a deeper sound is change to flat wound strings.

If your tuning peg is bad, and you need to replace them you're now looking at some minor investment in that bass that will add up.

Your potentiometers with your knobs could be bad. They're not expensive to replace, but having someone knowledgeable with that stuff will cost you a little bit to just look at it.

Before you start tacking on 20 quid here and 30 quid there… you may want to consider upgrading your bass. Sounds like you're not going anywhere and you enjoy playing bass, so get away from that starter bass and move up.
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And that is some sweet wallpaper you got going on there.
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Thank so much for the replies everyone.

Think I'm just going to get a fresh bass if I'm honest.

The strings which I put on came with the bass guitar beginner pack and have no specifications on the packaging. Could you recommend me some string brands etc so I have this information for future reference. I cannot fault the Fender Rumble its an ideal amp!

I've been thinking of getting a new guitar but I've just been weighing up my options.

I think I may try an active bass possibly Ibanez but the Ernie ball musicman sub bass and epiphone thunderbird are also tempting. What do you all think?

Thanks again for all the replies!

I Really appreciate it

Having a second Bass is always a good thing, but I would focus on the one you have now and fix it.
Since your Bass came with these “No Name” Strings, that in itself tells me they are junk and are 99% why you are not happy with the sound.

I also believe this is part of your tuning peg problem as well. Cheap/unknown brand of strings normally do not function well or tune/wind well.
Putting on a new set of strings (the type that have been suggested above) will change the dynamics of your bass from night to day.

If you like this Bass, and it feels comfortable to you - fix it.
Pull the P-pup out that needs to be reassembled and glue back together.
Replace those cheap Round Wound Strings with a Flat Wound Set.

If you still feel like you need some more 'Thump.

Invest in a Bass Driver Pedal - the pedal itself will add roundness and fullness to your sound.
If you are seeking more of a Tube Driven sound - then there are those pedals out there as well.
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Thanks DBT

What brand of flat wound strings do you suggest, also what gauge do you suggest as there are so many to chose from?

After searching online about my bass these are the strings which came with the bass and the ones I am currently using. Just FYI



You have a light gauge Steel string set currently on your Bass.
Not exactly what you want - ‘twangy, rough on fingers, rough on your Frets.
These for sure need to come off of your guitar.

You’re correct, there are lots of different types of Flats to be purchased.
I would start with - “what are you willing to pay / budget”.

Keep in mind - the theory of a higher priced set of strings does not mean that they are better than the other brands.

Read up on some product reviews on strings to help you with your decision.

Ernie Ball Flat wounds Brands may be a place to start.
I haven't personally tried them, but people seem to like the Fender Flats for how low priced they are.
Maybe some other fellow bassist can chime in and give their opinions on their Flats.

A typical Standard 4 string Bass Strings are 45-105 – medium gauge
Your Set is 40-95 – light gauge. It's a good gauge, and if you prefer this diameter, then I would stay with it.

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