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What size should my Bass Case be?

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I have a medium scale bass which means i have to get most of my equipment offline since Guitar Center doesn't offer anything for it. It hasn't been a problem until now that i have been asked to play at a children's hospital. My bass is about 45“ and was wondering what size case i should get. I have been doing a little research online and see that most bass cases are about 49” and a full size guitar 39“-41”. The acoustic case seems about the same size but am still unsure. I'm wondering if 4" extra is a big deal or better yet should i just get an acoustic case. Also recommendations for stores other then guitar center will be very much appreciated.
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What about a Fender Jaguar bass case?

You could always buy some foam blocks and put at the butt end of the bass in the case too.
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I'll bet that if you called Sweetwater, they could direct you to suitable case. I have gotten a few music items from Sweetwater, and the products and service has always been top-notch.

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When you say medium scale you're talking 32" right? Just get a case that the bass fits into and pad it out with some foam if necessary

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