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I need some new bands to listen to

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Any suggestions?
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The Bloody Seamen.

Pirate themed band out of Pittsburgh. No shit.
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What do you listen to now?
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Clutch. They have a new album coming out in October and everything I heard from it so far sounds awesome. Check out the albums Blast Tyrant or Elephant Riders.
Lich King (Thrash Metal)
Thanks guys!
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Try Type O Negative.. Pete has some pretty cool bass lines
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I forgot about “All them Witches” Kinda psychedelic
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Try Interpol, the early stuff with Carlos Dengler on bass, the mans off the scale
Some bands I really enjoy are Twenty One Pilots, Pnaic! at the Disco, Union J, 5 Seconds of Summer, The Cab, and maybe My Chemical Romance if you don't listen to them already

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