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guitar parts on bass

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13 years ago
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its hard to find tabs of the guitar riffs on bass. you know people play basslines on guitar why cant bass do this(it can) trying to learn it by ear can be a real pain.
johnny [staff]
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yeah, it's harder because they have the two extra strings that we don't, so they can play anything that can be played on the bass and we can't play all their parts - but they sound shitty and trebly when they do - haha

to play guitar parts you have to somehow figure out what to do with stuff that's played on the upper two strings. It just takes more time to figure it out, but guitar tabs are still helpful.
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some are actually easier than you think, try Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
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Thought you guys would be interested with this.
You can do bass arrangements for pretty much any song. It just requires you to get the notes and retab them, a dash of creativity and maybe a splodge of skill
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Not sure if this is the kind of music you're into, but if you want to start off easy, I suggest learning the solo on American Idiot by Green Day, that's how I started converting guitar parts into bass. Believe me, I would gladly do a tab for it, but to be honest I'm new to creating tabs, so I don't think I could formally do one.
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Tab it!!
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i see nothing…

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