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Pet Peeves (re: Music)

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Got any? Mine is the “fade out.” Come on! You compose the music, write the lyrics and put the arrangement together – end the darn song. I'd like to see you young musicians take this to heart and change this trend.
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Auto - Tune
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Cookie monster vocals
5 singers in a band… but nobody can play any instruments.
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Cookie monster vocals

And guitar solos just for the sake of having a solo. Unecessary.
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Female singers who overdo it, Whitney Houston being a prime example, all that screaming and warbling isn't necessary, Dusty Springfield could knock a tune out without breaking a sweat
Wow, entire genres as pet peeves! Now I am baffled. But that's normal for me anyway! lol

Don't know anything about auto-tune other than it exist and the comments I've heard about it have not been favorable.

As far as language in music goes, an artist draws upon their own experiences and environment. While I may not agree with it or listen to it, I do think for the “most part” that they are just keeping it real for themselves.

Y'all should cut Cookie Monster some slack! lol Of course, if you have kids and are forced to listen to it most of they day I might sympathize with ya.
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Fade outs can be pretty stupid but sometimes (very few) it actually sounds good and goes with the song

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