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Michael Dempsey (The Cure/Associates/The Lotus Eaters)

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There seems to be a lack of bass tabs by Michael Dempsey. He played on the first album by The Cure then went on to play for Associates & then The Lotus Eaters. I find his bass playing very appealing but very complicated to my ears. Anyone know of any tabs out there?
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There are lots of Cure tabs out there to check out but I don't think there is any for the other two bands you mention.
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I really like Michael Dempsey's bass playing especially during his time with Associates & The Lotus Eaters.
There doesn't seem to be any tabs out there other than what he did with the Cure as mentioned by Icehouse1.
Maybe one day when I feel confident enough I may give one of his basslines a go. I agree Softcell62 his basslines are quite complex & very fast, “Club Country” springs to mind a an example.
Very unique bass player who deserves more credit than he receives!
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I share your sentiment Duran Duran Fan!!!
bass freak
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Good bass player, very under appreciated. I like his playing.

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