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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

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I do a reverse question Ezzo. What are the hardest DD tabs?

Mari7, I thought about your question for some days but I still don't have an answer. I think I don't want to try to answer this question.

But I have another answer for you - which are the best melodies, most beautiful songs? I think these are best melodies:

What Happens Tomorrow
Love Voodoo
A Matter of Feeling
Falling Down
Girl Panic!
Tel Aviv
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I liked of your Falling Down Sid. It working good for me. But I'll use my chorus in some parts, such variation.
I've submitted “nice” album version, but Ezzo has reason, the live version have a better rhythm.
Sid, I think Danny's not working on Electric Barbarella.
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best melodies, Sid? All of JT songs hehehe. DD have songs for every taste
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Yes, I have had trouble with the chorus on the last two Duran Duran songs I worked on. Thank you for your help (and Gerr, and Mari7) in getting it correct. Maybe on the next song, I will work on the verse, and Hugorj will work on the chorus!

Danny is working on many songs, many requests, and many big changes coming in his life. I think he will finish Angel and Barbarella if it is possible in his busy world.
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Good job with Falling Down, Sid. Thank you!!!
Danny's disappeared, I'm missing him here too!
I agree with Hugorj, choose my faves is difficult. I like all DD songs too (always have some new things to know).
But the hardest bass line, for me, is “Rio”.
The vocalist in my band agrees to put Barbarella on a setlist near. I need to play it! hahaha
I like Nice Sid, why you don't like?

A hug to everyone!
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First band I was in was punk and disco music was the music we hated the most. And I still don't like disco, and Nice sounds like disco to me, like Brussel sprouts to small child - just yucky!

Have you looked around the web for a Barbarella tab?

Maybe send Danny a pm telling him why you need the song soon.
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I try to tab Barbarella, but Sid didn't like of my notes.
Your band plays DD songs Mari?
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Mari7, there is some info for Electric Barbarella from Hugorj and me on pages 67 and 68 of this thread. Maybe something useful?
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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hey guys im so sorry i havent been present i actually got called to open for RHCP this sunday they were calling bassists around to audition i nailed mine so yeah ive been busy with that + my church band + my other gigs for april and getting myself ready to go to the airforce in the end of april as well as i asked to join their band and they said if i pass boot camp + ive been tabbing from the request list (People whove been nice enough to ask me to tab them as well as also been awesome enough to show me good music) and….(catches a breathe) + ive also been passing my managing responsabilities to my trainee + ive been teaching piano and bass thats why o havent been able to work on my youtube tutorials and tab vids… havin that said i am working on electric barbarella, and like an angel, as far as mari7 yore request has been taken under sids hands according to a forum post,so ill work on the tabs when i have time offcourse when im not training or doing T-25,
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Danny - you are going to be part of the opening act for RHCP? That is awesome! Congratulations!

I'd think about asking Flea to sign my bass!

Good luck, friend! Way to go!

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