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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

why don't you email his management or touring agency? or even call the label and ask for some type of email or contact info?
he does have a facebook fanpage. but has not posted since november last year.
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I think it would be easier to get the contact through the producer. These guys hardly use facebook.
We could select in this topic some tabs to ask him. I think this topic is having major, and we have a chance to get some response.
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But how do this? Who'll do?
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I suggest going through Duran Duran's web site, if they have one.

As you ponder this, you'll want to keep in mind that many labels and some artists consider tabbing to be a copyright violation. I suggest keeping it low key. A possible outcome, if the artist or label objected to tabs, would be that all Duran Duran (and maybe John Taylor) tabs would have to be removed from the site.

When I contacted Pat Collier, former bassist with the Vibrators, I explained that I was not in a band but rather just a fan trying to learn the bass lines to some songs on the Pure Mania album, and requesting any tabs he might still be able to provide.
no… if the artist provides the tabs it is not a violation then he is giving his permission. he does have a twitter. i have had some success contacting people on twitter. DJ letal for example. or Dez from coal chamber
i think if one of us got sued for making a tab it would fail. nobody is making money off of it. then again.. can i swear in this forum.. lol
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Legally, copyrights are infringed when someone uses the melody (or letter) with an economic purpose, only if the person use the music for a public display (not our case).
If music is used for domestic purposes, not economic, there will be no violation of rights. This is a result of the public domain that music acquires when it is disclosed by the record.
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C'mon boys.. and the Pop Trash productions??
I knew tabbing a song was not a violation… can i please take a moment to say Fawwwwk you to the government and their crap laws?

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