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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

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Mary's right! Missing part 2'50" I forgot this.

I think it can be E5??

I showed the topic to Jean Joe (jjoe). He sent a hello to all (he likes of your technique Sid). One problem = he is guitarist hehehehe
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Figuring out the guitar part can be very helpful to the bass. If I can't find a tab of a song I want to learn, the guitar chords help with root notes. Very nice that jjoe is willing to help!
hey sid… wanna go check my pending tabs if you are an admin? there may be a tab or 2 in there for you
and yes sid is right.. the closest ive come to playing from your boy by the queers for example was by learning the guitar tab and following along with a bass.
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Hey slamingerrrr. Glad you are here and adding tabs. I am just same as you, not an admin.
i got the damned one you requested pending and fear. they are gonna be a bit off but… close lol. im not exactly an expert, especially at tabbing crap. but im learning.
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Thanks! I looked at your profile to see what you had submitted (pending tabs) and there's both Let's Have a War and Wait For The Blackout! Thanks very much!
the fear one is actually not so hard its just quick paced and repeats alot lol. and no problem
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But back on topic…Hugorj, will you (and jjoe) be able to work on the solo section of Girl Panic! at 2:50? Having a guitarist to help here would be very good, I think!
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Hi to everybody. Trendy thread!
I liked of Gerr's suggestion (“pop trash music&rdquo.

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