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Death From Above 1979 Tone


I really, REALLY like the overdrive tone that their bassist has. I know this:

The overdrive comes from vastly overdriven amps mixed with a halfcocked wah.

I can get moderately close mixing a boosted Big Muff with another glitchy/noisy overdrive and an envelope filter with a low sensitivity but this is hugely impractical for fast changes.

Does anyone know of a pedal that can get a similar sound. Boosting my treble is not an option as when I don't have the guitar tone ‘trebled’ the big muff gets really ‘weak’ and is really sensitive to volume (hence the boost, same with amp treble). If i boost the treble when the fuzz isn't on I have a VERY clangy set-up with a naturally trebely amp.

I need help :S I can't think of a work around aside from either getting a couple of thousand for a new set-up or finding a crazily overdriven pedal that isn't so moody.
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You will probably have better luck with this on TalkBass.com. I know I haven't the knowledge to help.

Thanks, I'll try.
try the Digi-Tech Bass Overdrive/Distortion peddal.

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