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Did you name your bass(es)?

Mine's a Fender named Dennis, after a friend of mine who has a booming baritone voice!
Welcome to the club, katlady!
If I'd name a bass after the Dennis I know, it would have to be a huge, fat double bass.
Latex Sex
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Never named it, never will
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Not something I've ever done.
Yeah, mine has name Ramona because I'm a huge fan of Ramones and Scott Pilgrim movie))
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My Thunderbird is named Sabrina

and my Yamaha is the Motley Bass
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My Spector is named Sweet after the band The Sweet
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@ThunderBassist Jay

That is hilarious! And thanks for the welcome.
mine is finley, she's my brand new baby
I've never considered naming my basses but I might now.
Always thought my bass was an extension of myself. Never thought of naming it. Maybe I'm just compensating for something.

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