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Beat Buddy

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Hey people, check out the Beat Buddy, its a drummer in a stomp box, looks good
johnny [staff]
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looks good, but how does the beat buddy sound hooked up on a bass amp?
Posts: 3139
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The pedal board I just bought comes with pre-loaded drum beats that I can customize. I play it through my bass amp and it sounds really good.

Although my speaker cab has a horn tweeter, which probably helps.
I posted about the Beat Buddy when it came out. I run it through a small guitar amp and it sounds good. The Beat Buddy is easy to use and one of the best practice tools I ever used. It will really help you with timekeeping when you're alone. It sounds so good you can even use it in a live setting. check out the videos on you tube.
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Looks and sounds like a nice bit of kit but £250 is a bit steep for me ,would have to try and pick one up used

our jam band uses the £50 korg mini , it's pretty basic but as we only need 4/4 timing and tempo it does the job

also sounds pretty meaty plugged into the phono input of a rumble 75 which is used solely for the drum machine

Checked it out. Looks cool. When the price comes down, I will get one. Till then, I'll keep jamming with drummers on utube for free. Having the ability to have it always at your feet is appealing. I think the beat buddy is fairly new. No used ones on eBay.

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