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10 years ago
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hey guys ive just moved into a new appartment building, and because of my rediculous living hours (working 6am-11pm everyday) my only jam time happens around midnight, which im thinking is gonna piss off my neighbours haha. anyone have any recomendations on headphones i can jack into my amp? i hear senheiser are good??
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Hey basschef-
You are working way too much! 17 hrs a day? Everyday? You are going to spontaneously combust if you keep up that pace!

I use a pair of Senheiser headphones and am happy with them, but the only reason I have that brand is that the other options at the local music shop were little ear bud things that I didn't trust to accurately reproduce bass frequencies.

I also have a Vox headphone amp for bass


that I am reasonably happy with - tiny, easily portable, aux in to allow play along… I've dropped it twice without it breaking, so pretty durable as well. When I want to play without annoying anyone (napping kids, sleeping neighbors), I use this Vox headphone amp.
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lol yeah its pretty intense, i get like a day off every second week, mostly just for washing sleeping and cooking 2 weeks worth of food though haha. you gotta do what you gotta do. hey thanks for that, i totally didnt even think of those, will have to check it out! thanks
johnny [staff]
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Apartments really suck for this kind of stuff. I play electronic drums in an apartment and have been given shit from an old bag downstairs in the middle of the day (even though I use headphones).
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ugh thats the worst im lucky, our elderly neighbour is pretty chilled and laid back as long as i send her baked goods every now and again and dont wake her up when i leave for work in the morning lol
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Senheiser headphones! Sound good to me!

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