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Harp tab 2 Bass tab conversors

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Hi everyone, i want to invite you to try this system that i create to convert harp tabs to bass tabs. The page is in spanish, but anyone could be understand.
Harp tabs have numers in negative or between ( ) to advice that the hole number must be played aspirating to this i called “Sistema”, and in “Rango” selection you must indicate the range of holes that the tab (in harp) contains. Next, you must paste the harp tab, click in “Convertir” and below will appear the bass version, using a coordenate system (EADG/12345… -> string/fret).

I hope that it will be useful for you and, if you have some comments don't doubt to make it in link “QuĂ© es esto?”, at the end of the page.

And, finally, the link is: http://www.cvillavicencio.com/conv_armbajo/

Saludos desde Chile (my english sucks, i know xD)

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