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tabbing program free download

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11 years ago
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i have found a tabbing program called ‘Tabit’
it is a free down load for a trial period and if people want, ot $20 US to register, just follow the links.
a liitle time to work it out in the beginning, but now going great guns
i have had it for about a week and registered tonight, having a blast, check it out. going back to tabbing some more songs…yaaaaarrrrr
TheDude [staff]
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so how does it work? you load up a MIDI file and it gives you the tabs?
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no it is a manual input. broken into bars, can set your tempo. all tabing script as in 'hammer on, pull off, slide, repeat brackets ect..and when you enter a tab it plays the note. you can also set it for 4, 5 or 6 string. A little labour intensive, but one of the better ones i have come across
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To bad it doesn't have a version for Mac.
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Thanks for the info! I'll have a look.
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Sounds interesting, worth taking a look.
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Like the sound of this.

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