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I'm new at bass

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Like I said. I've gotten lessons so generally I know how to play and I am informed on the basic things(Frets,notes,choking,etc.) I want to know more though like these pedals and the kinds of the pedals and other things like this. The extra items that aren't necessarily needed.
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I have three pedals: an MXR bass octave pedal, an MXR bass fuzz, and a T-REX Sweeper chorus. I rarely use them, but sometimes they are just what a song needs to get the right sound. Of the three, the chorus is the one I find I use most, but even it rarely gets plugged in. I don't think running out and buying pedals is a great idea.

I use the chorus on most Dandy Warhols songs; the fuzz on Tones on Tail songs, Seven Nation Army, Horsepills (Dandy Warhols)…. I used the octave pedal to extend the low range of my four string, but having a real B string sounds, to me, much better than the pedal. I have since picked up a five string (Ibanez SRA 555) and use that instead of the pedal.

I think there is a lot of exploring to do yet with pedals and a bass. We're way behind the guitarist on this. But it really comes down to what kind of sound you want. A good multi-effects pedal might be a good way to explore sounds.

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