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Are Rickenbackers Good?

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Are they?
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No first hand experience in playing one but I've never heard any negative comment about them, so I'm going to say yes they are!
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Absolutely not. And if you have found your poor, miserable self stuck with a 4001, I pity you. In fact, just to be nice, I'll trade you a Fender for it!
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Sid you are too kind for your own good!
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One simple answer, YES!
When I get 1,600 dollars I saw a nice blue one that I'll pick up.
I own a 4001 Rick since 1979. I started on a Kingstone Fender Precision knockoff… was saving my paper route money for a new real Fender. In 1979 Rush came to our school to talk to 5 English classes - buddy of mine knew the road manager and hot damn there I was a little punk talking to Geddy Lee one on one. I asked him why he only used his Fender on their encores and playing a Rickenbacker through most of their sets. He told me the Rickenbacker just felt better and loved the sound. That's when I bought my Rick. Thirty-four years later I am still playing it… nothing smoother. Sounds Great!
Posts: 1499
That's a great story!
bass freak
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Basically YES!
lol was this a serious question? that would be like asking us if rum is good. default answer would be uh yeah.
Listen to Geddy Lee from Rush. He uses Richenbackers. then you tell me.

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