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Do you submit your tabs to other sites?

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I agree, nice gesture TheDude!
I started to submit my tabs to Ultimate-Guitar, but it seems to me that they don't really pay attention to songs that have been submitted. I have one that has been pending for almost two weeks now. It's not supposed to take that long. So, needless to say I'm not submitting anything else there. I joined this site because it is strictly a bass tab site, not an “everything” tab site. That really appealed to me. Plus it is simple in it's layout; very straight forward-without all the nonsense (cough, coughÂ…UG). One thing that I have noticed right off the bat as new user is this website's customer service, for lack of a better name. It's phenomenal!! They're very quick to reply and are very helpful. Shout out to Johnny in the CS department- Thanks for welcoming me so humbly to bigbasstabs.com. I know I'm going to enjoy it here!
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Welcome Melvin, this is a great site & very enjoyable. I agree about Ultimate Guitar, tabs are taking longer to be accepted. I've had to write to them in the past to remind them about pending tabs I've submitted, this has worked so far. I've never had to wait two weeks! Maybe UG has become too popular or too big for it's boots? The format here is very simple, why make things complicated! Enjoy!!
johnny [staff]
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hey melvin, glad you joined the forums

it's not so much a CS department as it is me, the dude, and kissyboy trying hard to keep this site as user friendly as possible.

I don't have anything bad to say about ultimate guitar, I'm pretty sure they have a shit-load of tabs getting submitted all the time (their user base is huge) so I guess that's why it takes some time to sort everything out. Here at bigbasstabs it's just me manually checking every tab to weed out some spam that gets through the filter every now and again and in some cases correct some formatting, but as this is a bass only website (and there are currently cca 3300 registered users, and a small portion of them are tab submitters) a signle person can handle submissions, so unless all three of us are on vacation, tabs are usually published in a day or so
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There are 3 or 4 sites that I usually check out, Big Bass Tabs being one of them.
i looked at other sites and chose this one because it seems more of a community. so i view other sites but i only submit my tabs here. i don't play nice with others.
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Part of what makes Big Bass Tabs a community and my choice of a bass tab site is that people play nice and are helpful and respectful.
i meant with the other sites dude lol.
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Thanks for straightening me out, I can be thick sometimes.
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Friendly & fun is what you want & that is what you get in here!

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