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App to memorize the notes on the Fretboard

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I made a free Android app to help memorize the notes on the fretboard called “Fretboard Learn”. It's got a bunch of game modes where you can practice matching the name of note to a position on the fretboard (identifying the highlighted note, finding note X on string Y, and finding all X notes on the neck). It's helped me a lot using it while I worked on it. Let me know if you find it helpful.


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I haven't clicked the link yet. Does it do chords too?
It just does single notes now. Didn't think about chords - that's a good idea for a future update.
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That's pretty cool!
johnny [staff]
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Good job man! How about one for iOS as well?
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Seems good, I liked the idea and the game modes seemed cool, but unless you had an option to switch to Do Re Mi system the app is useless to me
Made an update to allow you to change the notation. Version 1.8 let's you set it to the Do Re Mi system.
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Thanks, this app is actually pretty cool. However, after doing Locate All for a while the sound stops working. Haven't tried the other modes for as long so maybe it's not just on this one. If I go back to the menu and start again it fixes itself

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