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Just wondering if anyone has any information on D.I.s? Direct Input, direct injection. Anything from what they do to best application, studio or live. Passive or active? Brands? How they operate, etc. I can google some info, but want to hear from other bassists.
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this might be helpful:


One day, when I have some disposable income again, I will get a 3Leaf Audio Enabler. I have heard great things about this box as a clean, transparent DI. Unfortunately, discontinued and expensive, so you have to find a used one and have a pile of bills!
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The only one I have experience with and can offer information on is the SansAmp Bass Driver DI.

Have you by chanced looked at what Radial Products have to offer?
Huge selection of Passive/Active DI's and other cool toys also a nice explanation of what each product does.

At the moment, a lot of this stuff is out of my league - as in not a priority or a must have.

Check ‘em out if you haven’t http://www.radialeng.com/radial-products.php

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