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Bass Amps, new v old

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Hi, I use a 1975 Peavey TNT 100 and I love it, it has six knobs and that's it, I can get a great range of sounds from it and I can crank it up to 11 without any loss of tone. I've played modern amps but the signal gets ‘Clipped’ when you try to go loud. So until I can afford an Ampeg SVT I'll stick with my Peavey, thanks
Posts: 6
i use a crate bx-160 and also have and behringer ultrabass bx 600, i am happy with them, and have even run them through a cab, sounds good to me!
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I have a gk backline 600 w4/10 cab, swr la15, peavey tnt100, behringer ultrabass 4500. all of them are great depending on the venue you are playing.

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