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Rickenbacker 4001 Basses..??

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10 years ago
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Hey there, newbie here, Not new in life, just to this site which I love. I also love Rickenbacker 4001's. During the 70's Geddy played one, Chris Squire played a Rick, and others down thru the years. I hardly EVER see anyone playing one these days. Anyone know why?? Are they not road-worthy? I've got a spector, two P-basses, and an Ibanez Soundgear. Still the Rick question puzzles me, I LOVE the sound of them, and they look awesome. I can't even find one in my local music shops. If anyone can enlighten me, cheers!
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I've never owned or played a 4001, so what I have to say is second- and third-hand info; may not be the gospel truth.

A Rickenbacker 4001 is hard to find because those who have them, keep them, and Rickenbacker stopped making them in 1981. It is a much-loved bass.

When used one's do come along, they are spendy - cheapest price I have seen is in the neighborhood of $1700, and it goes up into the multiple thousands.

I have not heard anything to the effect that they are not road-worthy.

If you happen upon one, and are flush with cash, you might pick it up. They seem to retain their value, or increase! If you didn't like it, you could probably sell it easily.

You might also search around on BassTalk.com for more informed opinions than mine!
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Guess who played a 4001?

Glen Matlock, original bassist with The Sex Pistols, played one:


Paul Simonon of The Clash also played one a bit, though he preferred a Fender P bass.
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The 4001 is a great bass with its own sound, the renowned Rickenbacker ‘Clank’. The reason you don't see the is because they have been superseded, the present model is the 4003 which will set you back over 2,000 dollars, a good 4001 will probably cost a lot more. Both models have double acting truss rod which can be removed if necessary, and a through maple neck and maple body, but be warned, these basses are HEAVY
Do not forget the Rick-O-Sound! You can separate the pickups and run them into two amps. I get a little crazy by fuzzing out the treble and then kick the bass pickup through my Sunn. Lots of FUN!
it's a well built instrument that sounds great. i know a cpl people who own one but not many

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