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I acquired this J Bass and want to replace the single coil Jazz pick ups to get rid of the split coil hum. Any suggestions ?
Split coil hum is typical on a J bass, especially more noticeable on Active electronics.


(1) replace pick ups (as you mentioned)
(2) purchase SansAmp Bass Driver DI (this will clean up the hum/noise)
(3) select passive mode, instead of active mode on your amp

Selecting option (3) will not hurt or damage your equipment. A lot of bassists do this, and leave the
Active option for a bass boost if needed.

My Active Warwick behaves the same way with the pick ups acting “too hot”.

Playing in “passive mode” helps, but the SansAmp Bass Driver does the job and eliminates the “hum” altogether.

Try those options, I doubt there is anything bad about your pick ups … just normal behavior in J pick ups.

Chopps - I forgot option (4), the most obvious and cheapest remedy.

Strings - only type of strings that work well on my Warwick are Flats.
Brite Flats (ground roundwound) do an ok job, but Flats helped
reduce the nuisance and improved the bass sound overall.

So, if your bass has the original strings on them (more than likely cheap roundwound).
Replace them immediately with Flats and go from there if you feel like you need to.

This should be the first step to take before any other options listed above.
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My favorite jazz pickup is the Fender Super 55, which is a discontinued split coil design. You can still find them online with a little searching.

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