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Satellite bass guitars?

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Anybody played or know of Satellite basses? If so are they any good?
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Hi TwentyTwo. I had not heard of the Satellite brand before your post, but found a bit of info online. They were one a number of brands of copy cat instruments (often called lawsuit basses) from the 1970s, made in Japan (and maybe Korea).

Some fans of 1970s lawsuit instruments like the Satellite basses, but said that while there were some very good basses in there, there were many crappy ones, and you really needed to be able to play the specific bass to determine which it was - good or crap. So it sounds like you should really not buy a Satellite bass without having played it.

The comments I thought most useful came from a luthier (guitar builder) with 30 years of playing and teaching experience:

Satellite are at the low end of the copy instrument market and are fine for a learner or if you are not a serious performing musician. The reason that they are at the low end of the market is because, (a) the wood used in their construction is not select hardwood (which does make a big difference), (b) the pickups are not to pro spec, (c) the frets are not well finished or levelled to enable a professional playing action to be set.

Hope that helps.

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