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New music to be heard

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I recently purchased Sweet & Lynch “Only to Rise” release. Let me tell you…this is an incredible debut from them. I've listen to it about 10 times already and still can't wait to hear it again. We all know George Lynch and Michael Sweet (if your a rocker)
If you like 70's & 80's Rock/Hard Rock, then give this a listen. Listening it on You Tube doesn't recognized the true sound IMO.
The bass playing is off the charts. James Lomenzo (White Lion, Megadeth, BLS) is just amazing.

Check it out

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If you are a metalhead, two bands to listen to : Style Trip (heavy metal) and Divine Disorder (symphonic but mostly death metal) both are pretty new
Posts: 125
Needless to say, both are the complete opposite of famous and I love giving small bands I like a boost

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