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Has anyone used the VOX AMP-Plug for your Bass? If so, your thoughts.

johnny [staff]
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wow, i never knew this things existed
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From the website, it has some positive reviews.
Haven't used that one. I have the irig which is somewhat similar. Its good for practicing scales, etc. Without pissing off the family. Not sure about the VOX but the irig is slightly out of tune compared to tuner pedal. How is sound quality on VOX?
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Ive never played one but from what I hear its pretty good on bass. Never heard a complaint from other bassists who used it and they actually recommend it
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Yeah bought one about a month ago, a good thing is I can link my phone into the aux socket and play along with it.
Some of the drum patterns are a bit weird(the funk ones) the others are kind of rock and roll or metronome or jazz beat.
Overall its a nice little thing for practise when I can't be bothered to set up my amp and all that.
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I've had one for a couple of years now, and I like it overall. It does sound different from an amp and cab, and burns through batteries, but I use it when I want to play while family wants to watch tv or when I'm having a hard time hearing something I'm trying to tab. As purplez noted, there are jacks for headphones so you can hear your bass and for an AUX input, allowing you to play along to a song.

It took me awhile to get to like this as much as I do currently - it did sound small and weird to me at first - but I'm glad I have it.

That said, if I ever find the money and am fortunate enough to come across a used one, I will pick up a 3Leaf Enabler and when (if) that happens, the Vox will not see much use.
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This may sound stupid, but wouldnt it be easier and cheaper to buy some headphones for your amp? Or one of those adapters that lets you use the same ones as you use on a phone?
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On my amp (a GK), plugging in headphones does not mute output to the cab. So if you want to play without making noise that bothers someone (at night for example), that isn't an effective solution. Plus, an amp uses a lot more electricity.
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Mine mutes the cab and I dont pay for electricity, but I guess it would be useful as a portable amp, but for that price and the batterys I dont think its worth it for me.
I have one and its perfect for quick setup if I want to play outside.

Be careful about the jack shap on your basse(s) though. It fits well on my J-Bass, but not on my SR506

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