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4db vs. 8db

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Whats the difference and what applications would each be used for?
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There's very little difference other than the 8 DB will give a greater signal loss than the 4db, but why cable splitter questions on BBT?
It was a question about the inputs on an amp
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What amp? Not enough info in your question to even know what you are getting at. In terms of volume, 8db would be louder than 4db, but if talking attenuation than 8db of attenuation will give a lower signal than would 4db. Often an amp will have a switch to adjust the input signal to accommodate passive versus active basses. On my amp, the switch positions are labeled ‘active’ and ‘passive’. In the active position, the input signal from the bass (and pedal chain) in reduced (attenuated) by 10 db.
On an amp i played, the input jacks were labeled 4db and 8db. You may have answered tbe question Sid.
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Yeah…that would be my guess as well. cheers

You should tab the Johnny Cash I Walk The Line request!
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8db for louder daytime jamming and 4db for quieter nighttime practicing.
[QUOTE)cheersYou should tab the Johnny Cash I Walk The Line request!

I probably would, however we have the tab for that song. Johnny Cash “walk the line”.
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thanks…apparently the tab didn't pop up when the person requested it. I think that is how it is supposed work: request a tab that is already here and it pops up rather then the request going on the list. Song title is I Walk The Line though, not Walk The Line, so perhaps a person has to know both the correct name of a song and the correct spelling. That doesn't seem unreasonable to me!

Too bad the tab that was already here was misnamed and didn't pop up for the person making the request - who did know the artist, song name, and how to spell both!

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