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Bass Lesson Ideas

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Hey Everyone!
Between Lon and Sid and all the rest of you wonderful tabbers,
It seems like you you have all the requests on lock down.
I've noticed that i've sort of been handling the “bass Lesson” tabs over the past couple months.
This seems to be my strong suit and i'd like to keep doing it.

I've hit a bit of a wall and am not sure what to talk about next.
So i figured reaching out to you guys would be great since the whole point of tabs is for you guys to learn…
whatever you want!
So let me know what you guys would like for me to talk about next.

Dislcaimer - please don't post song requests. this is for lessons only.
if you have a song request, add it to the request list.
someone will get to it.

Just wanted to say, keep em coming. Your lessons are informative and unique to a lot of the generic stuff on the Internet. I think you may have done something like this, but building chord ideas could be cool. Anything to make me a better player. On a side note. What happened to the other 2 boyz?
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Anything for fretless?
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Mark - What exactly would you like to discuss about the fretless?

Chuck - Thanks man! i really appreciate that! I have a tab on common chord progressions,
and a series of tabs on how to play pretty much every arpeggio you could
that no one rated
maybe i'll do something with composing chord progressions.

btw this is just3boyz

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Hand exercises in particular. Because in my very brief experience with my fretless, it seems you slide your fingers more than playing in blocks (3 and 4 frets) like we do on a fretted base. In other words, to get good fretless tones and that “Mwahh” sound, I find myself using my index and little (pinky) fingers more than anything to try and get that sound.

But are there any exercises or grooves that would help train my fingers and ear for these sounds. Or am I way off on my initial approach to playing the fretless?

I've actually found the fretless to be completely different in feel and sound from my fretted bass. Even when trying to play a song normally on the fretless bass it sounds like I'm drunk and playing the song slower. Weird, right?
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It definitely is different. No doubt about that. I see what you mean about the “mwhaaa” sound. it's probably a good idea to approach it like a freted bass in the sense that you should play scales, arpeggios, riffs (whatever) with the same fingerings you would with a fretted bass. You're still gonna get that sound simply cuz it's a fret less.

Using all four fingers will also help you control your intonation, which is the most important thing about playing fretlless. I feel like if you rely on less fingers, it'll be more difficult to maintain control. That's probably why you think you spud slower and drunk haha!
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Do you think doing a Tab on alternate tunings would be useful guys?
5 string, chord building, and melodies here, but its all useful stuff.
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thats cool too! That's perfect cuz i don't have anything on 5 string yet.
were you think regular chords or harmonics?
cuz i could do both.
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Hey everyone!
once again i've hit a wall with ideas for lessons.
any ideas?!?
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Why not start a ‘Lesson Guy’ thread just like that fantastically informative ‘Tech Guy’ thread, then instead of having to come up with lessons, people can just ask your advice when they get stuck, Bosh. By the way, just bought a bass and was wondering which end you blow into

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