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Trevor Hall

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10 years ago
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MY kids and I love laying and listening to Trevor Hall, but can't find any bass tabs at all for him. Can anyone find any? Thank-you so very much
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I also did not find any Trevor Hall bass tabs. But there a number of guitar and chord tabs out there. For example,


These would be good places to start from in trying to figure out a bass line. Johnny posted a very helpful message to a person trying to put together a bass line from the guitar chords in the song. I'm not sure where that message has got to, but it might be in the Bass Lessons tabs. Johnny will probably chip in here shortly, and provide you the link to the message.

I hope that helps!
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Here's Johnny's helpful post:

Thank-you very much kind sir
Posts: 1499
Kitesurfer, have you been able to put together some bass lines for the Trevor Hall songs?

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