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Ibanez SR300 spotted hardware

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10 years ago
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I bought a used Ibanez SR 300 bass today almost like new but the hardware which is sort of blackish in color is spotted and starting to rust and turn, what can I use to clean it?
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I don't know if this site is still active, but you could try sending an email to Kyra (bass-haven@ymail.com). She is a luthier and bass player.

BTW Her site (Bass Haven) was created as the old, much loved BassMasta site was being taken down in an effort to keep that forum alive. Unfortunately, it was not successful. There hasn't been a posting on the site in over a year. (So don't be surprised if no one is home, but it is worth a try.)

Posts: 9
Thanks I contacted Ibanez they gave me some ideas to try.

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