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Under-rated 80's Band

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That's awesome. I got big black hair and my bandana. Leather Pants and all. Although my hair is a little shorter

Hair metal will come back someday.

I can help with it, would love to.
I should have time tomorrow
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Firehouse is an awesome band. still listen to them to this day
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They are one of the chossen few that I respected…some bands I would like to forget…lol's I'm glad however, that I was part of that era growing up. I saw many bands like that back in the day at Hammerjacks in Baltimore. Great memories!
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Posts: 461
PS. They were not an 80's Metal hair band!!!
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Alien Sex Fiend
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Witch and Tazmanian Devils
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I know that had a massive global hit with ‘Under The Milky Way’, but I still think it's fair to say that The Church are an under-rated band. Some have described them as Australian music's best kept secret. And on ‘allmusic.com’ only The Rolling Stones have more albums rated 4 stars or more, which is impressive given that the Stones had a 20 year head start on The Church. In saying that though, they are due to embark on a tour of Europe soon. I'm kind of disappointed there aren't more tabs for them on the net.
Not hair metal but Joe Jackson is an incredibly underrated 80s singer with an incredible bass sound by the great Graham Maby
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FLIPPER Their original line up is perfect, there isn't a single song from that era that isn't genius in a terrifying way, they are a goldmine for killer bass lines (though they are not very technical demanding) Will Shatter is IMO the most underrated bassist ever

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