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Vulfpeck - Wait for the moment

Hey guys!
I Hope I find someone in this forum who can make a vulfpeck wait for the moment tab or a notesheet.
PS: i'm from Europe so please excuse my english

Thx for every answer
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Welcome aboard M T B B W Y, I'm sure that won't be a problem
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I can try to take a listen and figure it out. I already know the baseline to beastly if you're interested in getting a tab of that.
Thanks a lot i really appreciate it
Yeah a tab would be very nice.
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Hey dude. Just wanted to let you know I posted a tab of beastly. I'll warn you right now…I didnt tab out the solo. But the main riffs are still there. I'll get to tabbing out the solo when I get chance. As wait for the moment, I'll have some free time later today so I'll get started on that then.
Hey guys, I just wanted to know when the tab is gonna be finished. Im just nosy.

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