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Help! I need to delete a tab from the pending tabs on my profile page

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10 years ago
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It looks like I can't do this. TheDude or Johnny, looks like I have to ask you to fix my screw-up.

Apparently, I submitted my Rolling in the Deep tab twice, as it still appears in my Pending Tabs but is also in the New Bass Tabs section. Please delete it from the pending tabs - it is the same tab as has already been added. Sorry about that, and thanks.

Maybe add a way for members to delete pending tabs so this sort of cleaning up doesn't always fall to TheDude or Johnny?

johnny [staff]
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I deleted it I guess I somehow missed it. This is a good idea, I'll add a way for users to edit their tabs and edit and delete their pending tabs.

Otherwise I usually delete pending tabs if I notice that the user has submitted a song twice, but this one just got away somehow
Posts: 1499
Thanks Johnny.

TheDude [staff]
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hey sid, now you have the option to edit or even delete your pending tabs (in your profile page) in case this ever happens again.

Posts: 1499
Thanks Dude. That's a good addition to the features on the site.

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