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Warm ups?

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10 years ago
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Hi, does anyone have any advice about warming up the fretting hand before playing? My problem isn't in my fingers, it's my thumb and wrist which start to ache after a while. It gets so bad that i have to try and hold the neck without using my thumb. I warm up with some fretting exercises (spider and so on) and a few simple tunes. Is there anything else I could do?
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Yeah,dude,we experience the same problem.I usually wriggle my fingers for about a minute or so before playing to loosen them up,then do some arpeggios and fretting exercises,then warm up with some easy songs to get the feel of it.I would be grateful for any help from anyone else.Peace out.
johnny [staff]
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Try to somehow optimize the amount of pressure you put on the neck of your guitar with your thumb.. When I play fast or something I usually cramp up and hold the neck way harder than I actually need to and then I feel pain.

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