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Inspiring Bassists

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Bassists that inspired me to play were people like Duff Mckegan or Nikki Sixx the classic rock that i love so much and people in underground or bands not as well known like Ashley Purdy from Black Veil Brides or Lyn-Z from Mindless Self-Indulgunce purely because of their onstage performances and their persona I mean Lyn-Z can do circus tricks,back bends and flips whilst playing bass and still hitting every note perfect..thats pretty amazing for a 36 year old woman and Ashley Purdy can sing and play the WHOLE song as well as rocking out onstage I haven't been playing long so I was wondering who inspires other bass players as not everyone is inspired by glam metallers and punks who can do the splits.
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Matt Freeman. I love that man's basslines. Also Aaron McKenzie from While She Sleeps. They weren't too well know till about last year. The stuff isn't particularly complex or anything, but I met him one time and is just a real nice guy. I also love Steve Harris. The “Gallop” is pretty awesome and I love his tone.
John Myung and Fieldy. They are In my opinion the example of what every bassist should be after years of deadication and hard work.
paul mccartny and john decon in my opinon r inpiring bassist 2 me
and john paul jones
The first bassist to rock my socks off was Mike Dirnt of Green Day.His success story with the band is inspiring.Also,I look up to Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 for his smooth personality.

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