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I wrote a song on bass and am wondering if i should put it up.

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13 years ago
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it sounds pretty cool it has some hammer-ons and it took like 3 days to write.
KissyBoy [staff]
Posts: 42
Yeah why not! Go hog wild! The more stuff the better.
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 287
Make sure you post a link to it here once it's up so the rest of us can check it out!
johnny [staff]
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upload it to soundcloud, or make a youtube video of you playing it! anyways, i'd love to hear it.
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Nice dude! But you should probably record it on a software like Garageband or, just put it on youtube before you put up the tabs because tabs don't show the tempo of the song. Btw what's it called?

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