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Active Bass?

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10 years ago
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Can anyone explain what is an active Bass?
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One that has active pickups(uses a 9v battery) instead of passive pickups
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I have an Aria SB1000 active Bass & I've gone through my fair share of 9v batteries over the years.
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So Bassm99, we have all gone through our fair share of batteries over the years! I take it your Aria is the same Bass as played by a certain Mr John Taylor during the early 80's?
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You are correct Softcell62. I purchased my Aria back in the late 80's because I was inspired by John Taylor & the bonus was that the Aria looks really good as well as sounding brilliant.
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I am very lucky Duran Duran Fan, I have had this bass since the late 80's. In the past I have gone through my JT poses privately, never in public. Sadly I don't play as well as JT, no where near, but I have fun trying.
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Aria basses, lovely!
they are correct. active pickups are always well, active. my ibanez sr500 has active pickups, bartolini mk1.

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