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New Bass

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10 years ago
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After 30 years on the guitar i joined to the Bass family.
after playing few month with a rented instrument i need to buy the first Bass.
For rock- Which is middle price, not too heavy and flexy bar?
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get a Mex Fender Jazz Bass, best value, best bass. Any other bass you buy, in a year you'll be wishing u bought a Fender, just buy one now lol.
PS welcome to the dark side
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I'm also looking for a new bass, after palying rented instrument for a while-
I've checked the Ibanez, LTD, Godin- and they were too much of electric guitars rather than basses, the Fender p bass and the Stingray, which felt too funky.I'm looking for the fat sound, but the Gibson felt too simple.
I saw interesting Sterling and of cours Fender American 2012 Jazz bass, and it's really hard to decide (if ignoring the glory of the Fender).
Some advise, anyone?
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I just got a Ibanez SR300, and I love it, smaller neck and very light weight and great tone control.
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For me, the important thing in a bass is the neck. I prefer a narrow neck (such as the Fender Jazz or the Ibanez SR line, about 1.5 inches, 3.8 cm, at the nut). As the necks get wider, it gets harder and harder for me to make the reaches. I'll never be able to play a 6 string bass, and only some 5 strings are within the realm of the possible. (I have short, stubby fingers.)

Within that constraint of a narrow neck, next comes the sound of the bass. I have only played Fender and Ibanez basses, but of these, I like the sound of the Fender Jazz bass best. Fender also makes a Deluxe Active Special Precision bass (http://www.fender.com/series/deluxe/deluxe-active-p-bass-special/) that might be something I would like a lot. It has a Jazz neck on a P bass body with both Jazz and Precision pickups. The pick guard sucks though!

My favorite bass ever is a 1977 Ibanez Silver Series. It is a copy of a Fender Jazz but the neck seems even faster. Unfortunately, you almost never see one of these for sale anymore.

Best of luck!

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