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A Big Thank You

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A big thank goes out to just3boyz. He has brought an semi-unknown band from Canada to life for the first time: Dance Laury Dance (tab wise on the website here and in fact all online) and all his work with many many lessons for beginning bass players.

Dance Laury Dance are a wild heavy metal band form Quebec, Canada known for onstage antics and a wild and outrageous lead singer who loves Beer.
So all you heavy metal fans should be aware who this band is and it begins with Montreal Hooker.

Thank you once Again just3boyz
johnny [staff]
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I am really in awe whenever he submits a bass lesson. They're really really good. Thanks from me as well, connor!
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Posts: 624
I have been playing Bass for 14 years and even i found myself interested in his lessons
I have tried several of his lessons and they are spot on and very well explained.
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thanks guys! i'm happy you enjoy my lessons and the fact they actually help.
i was worried for a while that my lessons wouldn't tranlate into tabs,
but i'm glad you guys get it.
thank you thank you thank you for the kind words!
and let me know if you guys have any special requests!!

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