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The Nice Classics

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Ok so guys I was wondering what happened to the nice old classics.

*Black Sabbath
*Rolling Stones
*The Beach Boys
*and The Beatles

I mean really all these guys were great so what i want you to do is listen to at least one song from each of these bands this week.

*AC/DC(back in black)
*Aerosmith(same old song and dance)
*Black Sabbath(iron man)
*Rolling Stones(satisfaction)(paint it black)
*The Beach Boys(Kokomo)
*and The Beatles(Help)(I am the walrus)(Let it be)
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Eleanor Rigby was always one of my favorites.

To add on to your list:
Van Morrison - Wild Nights
Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
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Anything by The Beatles, The Who, The Stones.
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One Direction
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One Direction! That's funny mayhem You can't beat listening to The Beatles for a classic!
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we're talking about classics and no one's gonna mention Led Zeppelin!? Houses of the Holy is one of my favorite albums! John Paul Jones is one of my heros! saw him play this summer with seasick steve…it blew my ass off of my ass!!
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Let It Rain? Carl Radle made easy work of this classic. Eric Clapton did his bit too, but I really like the melodic bass line Carl laid down.

But then I am partial to the old stuff.

The Beatles should be a daily listen. Stones/Who/Led Zep/Cream/Small Faces/Hendrix/Doors should be listened to as often as possible.
Jefferson Airplane! You can add any of the above listed suggestions too, all are good.
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The Faces, Mott the Hoople, Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac, three disparate but nice classics
Guns N' Roses-Sweet Child O' Mine is also a classic to listen to aswell as the songs above

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