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Warwick corvette confusion

Morgan F.
Posts: 1
I decided my next bass to be a warwick corvette $$5. I found a ‘warwick corvette rockbass $$5’ and a ‘warwick corvette $$5’. The first one's half the price of the second one. Can someone explain differences and if the double price is worth it?
The Rockbass is made in china and the older models are very much different than the German made Corvette's. Some of the newer Rockbass vette's have similar components but not exactly the same and the ones that I tried at the local big box music stores were junky and falling apart. The Pro Line series are or were made in Korea. They are supposed to be of better quality than the Chinese made instruments. You can't go wrong with the German made instruments, top quality components and wood's for optimum tone and sustain. I have a bubinga vette, German made and love it.

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